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Reopening Preparation

The Phase One of our church reopening process are set out below in line with the guidelines provided by relevant provincial authorities and we shall comply with these guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy worship environment for all our members. The maximum number of people allowed in an indoor gathering is 50 and therefore, all our church services will be limited to 50 persons only. The following are the processes we have in place to ensure smooth implementation of phase one comeback:

  1. Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available at various locations in the church. Members are encouraged to disinfect their hands as they enter the church and during the church service if necessary. Hand washing soap are also available in all the three (3) washrooms located in the church premises. Members are expected to maintain healthy hygiene by washing and disinfecting their hands during their time in the church premises.
  2. Social Distancing: Seats have been arranged in compliance with the social distancing guidelines stipulated by the province. Members are encouraged to retain all seats in their designated locations.
  3. Face Mask: All members are expected to come to church service with face masks. This will help to prevent the spread of this virus among our members.
  4. Feeling Sick?: Anyone who is feeling sick is encouraged to stay home and join the church through any of the online worship mediums.

Click on the button below to reserve your seat for church service. Please note that the maximum number of congregants approved by the province is 50 and the registration is first come, first serve.